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The Proud, Proud! Poetical Man!
The Atheist’s Anthem!
Once again, I’m puttin’ down my foot,
I say, I say! I’m puttin’ down my foot!
Had enough of these Atheist
Claimin’ they want to be right and almighty
They better look at themselves
Shake their heads
They ain’t almighty just a sad, sad race
Being Atheist doesn’t mean you should degrade the rest
Forcin’ them to follow true;
Well, hell, there ain’t nothin’ true about this
I’ll tell ya’, nothin’ true
The world is full of fabrication
The paragon of trust and honest
Is turning in his grave
Oh yes!
I’m puttin’ my foot down
I say, I say! I’m puttin’ my foot down
Look out your window
And tell me what you see!
Probably some disrespect who modeled after God
Or maybe God told them to be the asshole they be
Well let me get this one thing straight
Ain’t no one came to save
Ya’ act like rabid chimpanzees
Who finally realized
That you’re just a test-subjec
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 2 0
The Abstract Gentleman's Bar
The Abstract Gentleman’s Bar
Haha, Gentleman! Please take a seat and I promise you won’t miss a beat
For we got a show for you this evening which revolves strictly around women!
Black, White, Asian and Exotic, I promise they’re all quite the treat
And if you don’t see that I’m being completely honest then why don’t you unzip your pants of denim!
We have Christians and Mormons but none of the Witnesses
We like to keep alive, right? After all you’re only here to hide from your wives or issues
Stuff like money, and children, who grow to be more of an issue in previous Christmases
Yet, here you are now, in our temple of sex and kinks and if you wanna and can’t hold it here are some soft tissues!
So, look around, men! Our collection of females is the finest in the land
But wait! There’s more to behold!
After all, this is a bar of abstraction that harnessed your attraction to beauty, oddities and more!
What kind of host would I be if I co
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 2 0
The Misanthrope has Friends!
The Misanthrope has Friends!
Well, look at this
An adventurous risk
To venture to the chaos of chatter
They should be alarmed there’s a major matter
That I seemed not to care about thoughts they give
I’m not shy
I’m a reasonable guy
That thinks people should be aware of my mess
Yet they keep on coming, so I must confess
Can I please be alone and leave me out of your clique
If ‘No’ is the case
I’ll be gone without a trace
For there isn’t a reason to be pulled in your trap
And please, oh, please don’t say emotional crap
I’m just a single misanthrope who detests his friends
Years have passed
Reputations, thankfully, elapse
So, foolishly, I return to thee;
And greet me like nothing has happened to me
So friends, friends! I can’t lie!
I really missed your voice
Outside is happiness yet inside I cry
But not because of sorrow but namely for a single choice
To believe that everyone I met had an out for me
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 1 0
And thus, a New Age Begins
And thus, a New Age begins.
In basic eyes
The world lies in flames
A spectacular baby is ignited
Through the heavy storms
Surviving massive collisions
A planet is born
Idled as the new star enters
But another one
Bam, an extreme interference
Massively powerful, it breaks
However, not all of it
The debris forms nearby
A satellite is miraculously created
As time slowly ticks
Gravity begins to orbit the toddler planets
Slowly and steadily in silent rhythm
A system, against all odds
Is perfectly shaped
As the planet begins to stifle
And now, life flourishes
A new age inaugurates
However a misstep foils
Creatures massive and unintelligent
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 1 0
And behold now the final wave from the Bang
Of exploding planets and stars alike
Of infinite particles
It's done
Reflection, young Arctarius comprehends all
The true purpose of the Universe
He has become a prophet
Perhaps, a conduit
Circling the outer most reaches of its vastness
Showering young tiny bacteria
To all the planets
Life begins
Victorious, A deity apprehended and organized the debris
In the domicil called Universe created from he
Who brought unwillingly the Big Bang
A new era begins
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 2 0
Reaction 2012 by Steampunk-PoetV Reaction 2012 :iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 0 0
Accidental Dimension I
Overview in Description
Chapter One: An Artifact Unbeknownst
Another blissful dawn shines through the timber-framed houses of Ponyville. Denizens who naturally woke up early morning greeted one another terrifically in such friendly matter. The small shops would soon open with smiling faces in the hopes of making a decent amount of profit for the day. While at the Golden Oaks Library, a purple-coated pony would slowly open her eyes. She would yawn softly and pleasantly as the sun shown through the library's small windows. Maneuvering out of her small bed and glancing at the still sleeping yet, ever so adorable Spike before hopping on her four feet and trotting off to a mirror near by. Her horn would glow brightly as a brush would sooth out her mane, then she would brush her bright teeth, gave a bright white smile to herself and galloped downstairs, leaving Spike alone to slumber peacefully.
Ponyville had soon picked up activity. Twilight would greet her local neighbors and friends
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 0 0
For giggles... by Steampunk-PoetV For giggles... :iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 1 7
Dreamscape Oblivion
Dreamscape Oblivion
Intense, the cosmic particles surround
Too powerful for the star to concentrate
The blast ignites in explosive sound
A supernova begins in an act to compensate
Something so massive yet beautiful it appears
Blazing heat all in a catastrophic minute
What was the act of such that made the star disappear
Was it just a simple way to allow the true ones to live through it
Nevertheless, the Universe continues trespassing
Arctarius painstakingly organizes everything
While Galaxies and Solar Systems are surpassing
It is not all safe when explosions and collusions sing
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 2 0
Bang, the universe begins
The battle between God and Devil ends
The remains of the battle expands
Created Arctarius to lend it a hand
But from what seemed a Devil's device
It decided that it would have to suffice
Super Massive, these holes were
Keeping the galaxies it made sure
Arctarius, uncouth of its existence
Witnessed something that jumped its instincts
A light, pierced through the large hole it was
A quasar had sparked giving beauty to young Arctarius
The sight of its glow illuminated a new theory
That everything from the Devil isn't all dreary
The Black Holes- they do something
And Arctarius left them to do anything
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 1 0
Clouds of biblical gases fume the void
Vague flickering lights nay penetrate through
It's channeling torrent did avoid
Organization; God had thought anew
Offspring for it to calibrate
To move gases and matter into array
Ease the stress of it's sudden deteriorate
Build a proper universe God wanted its way
Brilliantly and perhaps miraculously
Emanates a malformed auxiliary ghost
Solely organizes the Universe for a picture to see
It's magnificence exceeds God at most
Myriads of eons afterwards
It constructed masterful ways to establish
Galaxies, it called them while reaching towards
Gods synthetic hand for personal lavish
Given name: Arctarius
The Master of the Universe
The fusion of Architect and Jesus
Yet the holes of resentment grow worse
Engulfing large amounts of gas and matter
It pleaded but it did not comply
Its hardship would falter and splatter
But Arctarius knew it wouldn't just die
In distance, it noticed its creation narrows
The void had reached in easy glimpse
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 3 0
Into the mind;
Imagination expulsion
Unearth a philosophical theory
Of our almighty God being an A.I
It burst quickly
In immeasurable quantities
Of void and matter, scatters and manifest
But whilst something may seem perfect in the beginning
Its flux ruptured
Ominous holes of blind color
Engulfs its debris of new creations
To never see light from nebular gases and matter
A deity apprehends
Organizes the ebb of debris
Now eventually finished, named Universe
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 2 3
Dancing Lady
For a second there I was blinded
My neck was itching and my muscles were numb
Suddenly my vision cleared
In front of me was this grooviest of gals
I wanted a name but she back away
Started to dance all around the air
I felt my legs spasm to the-
Rhythmic music that suddenly played
I got shaky, shaky, jumped up and smiled
The woman eye's eyed at mine
She moved with me in perfect sync
We were maestros of the dancing beat
I wondered to myself "What was this all about?
Never seen a woman dance happily without a doubt"
She turned to me and grasped my hand
Dancing more through the night's life
Seeing creatures appear in the shadows
Cheering and praising, such a lively crowd
This woman has yet to say a word but,
Deep down inside me it wasn't at all absurd
Then that jubilant arena of fun turned to
Horror and aghast we were on the run
Nonetheless we kept on dancing;
Running, dancing, we were on the move
I closed my eyes for just a second then,
All of sudden we were all alone
Underneath this lon
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 2 2
In the shadows
The lights dim on
Within a messy room
A robotic figure sits beyond
Lights flickering in shutting doom
She opens her lids in radiant blue
In a spasm movement
She moves her arms to me
I feel my hear beat as an atonement
Beating faster, a declined attempt to flee
Her metallic hand grips my skin
Through my small hairs now erect
Her mouth opens in remiss appeal
Her voice tunes in perfect dialect
Soulless, her eyes, my attention she steals
" Help me " escapes her vocal instrument
Her message short yet powerful
Collapsing into my soft grasp
Shutting off in cold sorrowful
To the floor, she relapse
Her eyes power down in bitter black
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 0 0
When I'm alone I am not like an average person
People never satisfy my conversational needs anymore
So I try to look for something to do
But when an inconspicuous object intrigues me
I walk up to it and burn it
But today, it was not ordinary object
My myopic thought process presumed it was a toy
Given to Mother for recognition
But as the blazed absorbed more of the object
It began to burst into something dangerous
Something tackles me
I fall to the floor and scream in pure agony
It jumps from my room, then the house
Oh god, the flame!
The flame is consuming my shirt!
The light is bright! The blaze is rising!
My skin is becoming black
The fact I knew now my whole body was burning
Rolling around didn't even work
My body began to glue to more
Spasmodically, my hand grips my heart
The fire loves me!
Assistance is needed!
The fire loves me a lot!
At evenings end my whole body is scarred
The house is reduced to ashes and forgotten memories
In my torment, a
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 0 0
The Convivial Disagreement
The Convivial Disagreement
How can one blame our society for such atrocities? With the lack of better discipline, education, and support from both the parents and their mentors, it has been our subsequent downfall from what America originally and was intended to be. Within honesty, can you actually accuse our fellow adolescent for lessening our society? Or is it the fact that there hasn't been much parental guidance in the last decade? The media are scholars to poison the weak-minded and feeble beings that enter reality; only to be placed in solitary confinement for their remaining lives. My words are true. Delving deeper into the chaotic database of violence, ignorance, and misguided paths lays a similar trail emblazing the true blame to it all! Have the parents swallowed their pride and dignity and forced their children to watch educational programs or sentence them timeless hours of homework and studies per day? Would our society not only be academically better, our people would be
:iconsteampunk-poetv:Steampunk-PoetV 0 0
A deity apprehends
Organizes the ebb of debris
Now eventually finished, named Universe"


So, yeah, back where I started. Been busy with college, pursuing a career I'll know I'll make money off of, while fellow Deviants sit back and post their uninspiring, unoriginal, cry-baby poetry and literature and expect a movie off it or expect people to consider that person 'complex, eccentric and original'. Well, slight rant in coming, by the way, just scroll down until you see the ---, won't be long!

Well, for your little information, your shit that you post on Deviant Art and expect people to question about you and love to see more work about you is all false. If you weren't blind to compliments and notice that they're just being nice OR they're 14-15 years old themselves, I think it's time for you to just get off Deviant Art. Posting shit like
"I am sorrow
Misery and anguish
I love the rain
For it resembles me" 
is not art. It's something a child writes after discovering Nightmare Before Christmas or My Chemical Romance. I know because I was one of that, years ago, when I was 14. I'm embarrass of my work, of all my work with the exceptions of a few, but almost all my younger-self work, I hate looking back on it. I had no goddamn reason to be all sorrowful and miserable. I was just a young kid trying to find a craft for my art work, and I did! I honestly did! Without the aid of 'art schools' and 'poetry get-together's' no! I wrote every week, something new until I realized that listening to Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold, which are bands I *severely hate* nowadays, didn't help me perfect the craft of poetry. It made me a fool and regret going through my 'Emo' phase. I grew the fuck up, wrote 'The Prodigious Sanctum' which is the ONLY work I still like now as an adult when I wrote that as a teen, and realized Emo depressing shit is boring and uninspiring. 

Yet, Deviant Art -STILL- likes to promote this. Why? I thought after nearly a decade, this 'emo' shit would have died down since everyone else in the world ruined it, I.E Blood on the Dance Floor, Hot Topic, and Scene kids. Why is "I hate my life and I want to die but I can't because I still love her" popular but not "It whispers to me in a hymn so vague that it shatters my conception and creates a new reality" type shit not? Does no one want to think on Deviant Art? I know Deviant Art is 95% fandom shit, 4% original art and 1% trollers, but the 4% should be more advertised that this Avenged Sevenfold shit. 

Just blows my mind how 27 years old adults are still posting the same crap they probably posted when they were 16. 


Right, anyway. This is actually my departure from this account. Steampunk-PoetV is being shut down due to well, in activeness and for the sake of my well being in not -EVER- seeing my old shit again. I will create a new account but will not give you the details because, I want everything new, including new poetry followers. I highly doubt anyone would care and for those who already watch me on my other account, I'm not departing from Deviant art, just this account to start a new one. 
Thank you, sorry for the rant, and stay true~


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